Report: Climate Change Disclosures and the SEC

[On behalf of my firm, Green Strategies, and the Clean Air Task Force, I submitted the following comments in response to the SEC’s recent consideration of requiring climate-related financial disclosures.]

Green Strategies and the Clean Air Task Force fully support the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC or the Commission) process to consider requiring disclosures related to climate change so as to better inform investors of relevant risks, impacts, and opportunities. High-quality and accurate information increases the efficiency and stability of capital markets. Investors are increasingly seeking such information about issuers’ climate change-related risks, actions to mitigate climate impact, and/or ability to incorporate complex climate-related factors into strategies for value preservation and accretion. Exercise of the SEC’s regulatory authority to require consistent and accurate disclosure of climate change-related information is warranted.

Full Report

See below for a downloadable PDF of the full text. To download, find the download icon on the bottom banner of the embedded PDF. 


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